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What is your full name? What is your e-mail? What is your phone number? What is your skype? (only if you have it) What city do you live in? What is a good time to reach you? We can reach you from 10 am - 11 am PST, is there a specific time that you would like to be reach that we could aim reaching you at?(If we cant, we will reach you during morning afternoon or night hours you specify above) Is there a day of the week that is best to reach you at? What is your occupation? What is your age? Is your income over $5,000 a month?
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Would you say that being successful is important to you? Scale of 1-10 how important? Do you like dressing up for special events such as music festivals, birthday parties, concerts, horse races, church, parties?
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Of these events, which ones do you go to the most? Have you ever attended any kind of success program, courses? Do you read any books? If so which ones are your favorite? What other name brands for clothing have you bought in the past? What is your favorite clothing brand? What interested you in this application, saving money with package deal of Divina Diva clothing, the Divina Diva sectrets to success program/community or both?