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Referral Program-FREE CLOTHES!

Please consider filling out our FREE CONSULTATION form tab (lower right corner of the website)  to buy a package deal to get a better rate on our products.


How would you like to get Free Clothes? Well to be accurate, an 10% discounted rate on your next order for REFFERING US! We are currently offering a refferal program. Simply tell all your friends about our divine designs, put up a blog on your facebook, youtube(make a video), myspace, twitter, linkedin or blog. If you own a magazine write an article about us and have them referr you that way, talk about us on your podcasts, blog about us and ask them to put your first and last name and or email as the refferal on the Who Referred You? Part of their online order form and we will be sure to add referral points for you in your divine account towards free clothes every time someone you referred orders from us.
Here is how it works.
You must already be a customer, and already have an account with us which is automatic once you have purchased at least one item with us. You must also get 10 new customer referrals under your belt that have purchased product with us. If you have decided to be one of our Divine Referral Goddesses then be sure to log in to your account to check the status of your points for referrals, we will also be sure to notify you through email once you have reached 10 people points, and for as many 10 other new customers you bring to us. This email notification will also contain a special coupon code to submit to your order to obtain your discounted product.

 Also your shipping costs is not included in this promotion. Please check at the bottom of this page for refferal cards samples( the pink PRINT CARDS button) that you can print out for your friends or aquaintances,  there is a section on the cards where you can write your name and email so potential customers know who to referr. Just print these, toss them in your purse and simply give them away to people that complement you on your Divina Diva goddess wear!

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your free clothes!

With love,
The Divina Diva Team

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